A certain troubling practice has come into light, about the election authority's actual influence over the Administrative Court, in Helsinki, the capital of the country. The administrative court is intended (by constitution and specific laws) to guarantee justice to everyone regarding elections, but its credibility in that is low, because most of its court judges are actually dependent on the influence of some criticized persons of the election authority.


The election authority has its all funding from the state. And it has actually used part of that funding to hire and pay for some government officials (such as a certain Mr Heikki Liljeroos) who in their other capacity as governmental administrators do have much influence over appointments, promotions, careers, transfers and salary considerations of administrative judges. Those of the judges that hold temporary judgeships (open to rehire or demotion in near years), are obviously the most vulnerable in front of the influence of Mr Liljeroos and his cronies.

The Election Authority of Helsinki constituency has actually hired Mr Liljeroos, as sideline position for him and providing to him additional income, as their chief administrator. So Mr Lijerooos bears generally the biggest responsibility for mistakes, illegalities, questionable interpretation of law, questionable decisions and such in the operation of the Election Authority.

On the other hand, in his permanent position and capacity, Mr Liljeroos has for years had the position to take part in many aspects of decisionmaking about judges' careers and those details important for appointments (such as promotions, transfers and salary considerations). And has permanent position to continue to do that for the foreseeable future.

It is weird that the employer of Mr Liljeroos' chief position, the Ministry of Justice of Finland, has given him permit to work as sideline for the Election Authority and to draw income from such. Because his double role endangers the judicial safeguards of citizens, in any pursuit for judicial review of election authority's possible mistakes and possible law-breaking.

The Election Authority has for its use purchased -sort of- the influence on judges of Mr Liljeroos in his main position. By this way, the Election Authority has sort of insulated itself from effective judicial review, and stripped citizens out of their right to effective judicial remedies. This sort of purchased immunity from law, is a real situation of structural corruption.


Some certain administrative judges have now shown that they really want to continue and nurture this sort of structural corruption. These judges do not want to see how themselves should be forbidden to judge cases dealing with their Mr Liljeroos.