It is quite possible that in the general election, Hillary Clinton gets the majority of electors. But if she does not, then there exists a possibility that sufficient number of republicans may get cold feet and obstacle Trump's victory in the Electoral College.

After all, if the majority of electors happen to be republicans, then it requires only a portion of those republican electors to change their vote from Trump to someone else, in order to move the Election of the President to be decided in the House of Representatives in the Congress. The Electoral College is easily circumvented, after all, if the winner party is fragmented whether to support its official candidate or not.

In the House election, those three persons who received highest number of votes in the Electoral College, are in the run.

The trouble all along for the republicans has been that Trump is not a palatable republican and that they have a number of other persons who are much more palatable than Trump. Palatable to the gamut of republican-majority state delegations in the House. Such as, Paul Ryan.


Let's say, Clinton receives 260 electors and republicans win 278 electors, in the general election. In my scenario, 10 of the republican electors (or more of them) decide to vote for a palatable republican in the Electoral College - say they vote for Paul Ryan, the current speaker of the House.

In the resulting situation, Trump receives 268 votes, Clinton receives 260 votes, and Ryan receives 10 votes. Because none received the majority, 270 votes, the entire election of the President gets transferred to the House. The Electoral College has no authority to make repeat votings. Its vote is over with the one attempt, says the Constitution. Period.

The three highest scorers are constitutionally permitted in the run in the House.


The state delegations of the Congress representatives are not bound in any way to Trump. But a clear majority of state delegations have a republican majority in them, almost 30 delegations (out of 50). So, the republicans do have the advantage of having soon the majority of delegational votes, i.e 26 states in the House, to vote their selected person. In that, I am convinced that the 26 state delagations will much sooner reach the result of voting for Paul Ryan (or other equally palatable republican), rather than ever vote for Trump.




By the way,

We have already seen that in this year, the US presidential election is pretty much a question whether a Loser portion of the US voter population can put the world's most powerful position to the lap of one of ther own, the 70-year-old immature brat who displays unwillingness to learn, unwillingness to deeper thinking, and full willingness to use bratlike temperament.