The very problematic character, the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, inspires thoughts. Mostly negative.


My take about the 2016 presidential election is that its main feature is one man's bratty need to put and keep himself as center of all attention - by all methods. That one man is Donald Trump. He gets bratlike temper tantrums. The surreal matter about The Donald is how childish he is. It looks like everything else in the 2016 presidential election, revolves around this individual's hold of being always in the center of attention - and that everyone else in the poltical situaton (such as his opponents in general election and his intra-party rivals) get moved and whirled by the attentions given to Trump.


I foresee that Donald Trump will leave one remarkable mark in the political history of USA, for a long time: I predict that the Republican Party will fragment irreparably, thanks to The Donald.


Barack Obama's approval rate is relatively high these days. Possibly, Donald Trump's influence is a partial reason: what The Donald opposes, garners support from lots of others. And, even if Donald Trump somehow would win the presidency (somehow, such as bribery, election fraud, or killing sufficient number of opposing voters in swing states before they vote), The Donald's own approval rates would still even at that stage be so low that it is then conceivable that rather than accept The Donald's accession to power, the decisionmakers of the USA would make Barack Obama the president for life and allow him to remain in the office.


Somehow it feels like Donald Trump is the best supporter of Hillary Clinton. Hillary could possibly not expect a higher accumulation of votes against any reasonable opposing candidate but The Donald. If and when Hillary wins the election, she really should be grateful to Donald Trump for giving her the presidency.

A conspiracy theorist may concoct a idea that Donald Trump went to pursue the Republican nomination, in order to make the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to win. The Clintons are -according to earlier advertises from the Donald- Mr Trump's personal friends, and The Donald has earlier in some elections given money to support the Clintons (so, surely, he is now merely continuing his that support). And Donald Trump certainly is fouling the nest of all republicans. However, I am no conspiracy theorist and therefore I ascribe Donad Trump's pursuit to and in the republican nomination merely as expresion of The Donald's immature, misguided ambition, and that The Donald is actually not really able to grasp what self-destruction he always does.

It might be that in the next year or later, political analysts will characterize this year's setup of the presidential election along the lines resembling closely the following idea: 'Donald Trump adamantly wanted the Democrats to win he presidency in 2016 and therefore he made himself the GOP nominee'.


Actually, what conservatism essentially is, is now displayed in quite clear terms, so most of people can grasp. Donald Trump functions as the mannequin of real conservatism. The display of what sorts of base and nasty emotions underlie in the mindset of conservatism.


Some newspiece reported that Donald Trump has 'admitted' a mistake he made. Turns out from that newspiece that Trump actually was not explicit in any admission, but now merely said a more truthful version, by so doing glossing over his earlier untruthful version of a matter.


If Donald Trump were to write a book entitled "All The Mistakes of Donald Trump", we can be certain that such a book will be the shortest book in the world.