Conservatives are generally conservatives - they work against change and progress. And conservatives accordingly are not dynamic, instead they favor permanence and getting things stuck. However, such does not look good - because it looks like deadness.

Sometimes, conservative groups desire to give an impression of new things, youngness, and being dynamic. Such is basicaly contrary to what conservatives really are. So, they do a scam - they would give a fraudulent impression of youthfulness and being dynamic.

A very typical way to do such is to choose a posterboy as the public front of the conservative group. A posterboy who is very conservative, very non-dynamic, not modern, not progressive, neither a reformer - but who is young and with good looks. Such occasions are when conservatives do elect a young party leader.

Many gullible voters actually fall to such a fraud. Many gullible think that young is modern, young is reform, young is dynamic - always. They do not grasp that not all the young are such. This is why often, conservatives win by doing such sort of choice of a posterboy.

In Finland, the country's conservative party, 'Coalition' (Kokoomus) did that by electing Jyrki Katainen (the guy now known as one of those ill-reputed) as party leader when he was scarcely over 30 yo.

In July 2018, the PP party of Spain did a similar trick. A posterboy was elected as PP's new party leader.